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This twelve-week journey is a dynamic and forthright study on how to become a woman of God. It was designed to be used for group studies as well as an individual's personal study.

Through this study, women determine God's will for their lives and develop the critical skills they need to follow His direction. You'll discover what it means to become a daughter of the King. Using Scripture, thought-provoking principles, and the experiences of women whose lives have been changed through this curriculum, you will establish a strong foundation for growth and change while making God's Word a reality in your life.


Women from all walks of life have experienced dramatic changes through the workshops and seminars at The King's Daughter: Becoming a Woman of God Conference. Come experience the praise and worship of our Lord, give thanks for the blessings He bestows and receive His healing, both physically and emotionally.

Learn what it truly means to be a Woman of God and gain new insight into God's richness. Hosted by Diana Hagee and Cornerstone Church, you will receive enlightenment and enrichment with elegant hospitality. Diana with Pastor Hagee and every Featured Speaker will bring valuable yet practical teachings on a variety of subjects affecting woman of today.

You will leave more prepared to meet the challenges of life with new confidence and faith. Don't miss the wonderful opportunity to make new friends and gain a greater understanding of our Lord and Savior. Read More


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Diana Hagee offers a variety of products to help women in the journey of life as a Woman of God. She know very well how difficult it is to be a Christian lady in today's society and addresses issues relative to every woman.

Items are available individually as well as in the Facilitator's Kit. To learn more about Diana's products and how to purchase, click here.